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Introduction to Phonology

These are the lecture slides and handouts from the undergraduate Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology course I taught at USC in Spring 2022 (LING 301). I've taught similar classes more recently at UCLA, based on Kie Zuraw's "skills-based" model. Email me if you're interested in discussing those materials.

Unit 1: Assimilation in rule-based phonology

  • Class-2  Alternations

  • Class-3  Assimilation 1: Consonant features 

  • Class-5  Assimilation 2: Natural classes

  • Class-6  Distributions

  • Class-7  Vowel Features

  • Class-8  Assimilation 3: Feature geometry

  • Class-9  Assimilation 4: Autosegmental phonology

Unit 2: Syllable structure and Optimality Theory

Unit 3: Stress in OT

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