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Topics in Phonology: Reduplication

These materials come from a seminar I taught at MIT in Fall 2017 (24.964).

  • Class-1   Introduction to Reduplication and Reduplicant Shape

  • Class-2  Reduplicant Shape continued

  • Class-3  Prosodic Morphology and Axininca Campa (McCarthy & Prince 1993)

  • Class-4  Axininca Campa continued

  • Class-5  One last day on Axininca Campa

  • Class-6  Reduplication and Correspondence

  • Class-7  The Reduplicant and the Input

  • Class-8  Reduplication and Existential Faithfulness (Struijke 2002)

  • Class-9  Minimal Reduplication (Saba Kirchner 2010, 2013) and Kwakwala

  • Class-10  Reduplication in Harmonic Serialism: Serial Template Satisfaction (McCarthy, Kimper, & Mullin 2012)

  • Class-11  Reduplication-Phonology interactions in STS, and another look at the data

  • Class-12  Morphological Doubling Theory (Inkelas & Zoll 2005)

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