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These materials come from two courses I co-taught at Leipzig in 2020-2021, "IGRA01" (Sequential Interactions in Linguistics) and "IGRA02" (Simultaneous Interactions in Linguistics), for which I taught the phonology sections. These are the handouts for my portions of these courses.

IGRA01 (Summer 2021)

  • Opacity  Opacity in phonology: rules vs. constraints

  • Cyclicity  Cyclicity in phonology: rules vs. constraints

IGRA02 (Winter 2020-2021)

  • Intro to OT  Introduction to Optimality Theory in phonology

  • Copying  Copying in phonology: harmony, copy epenthesis, and reduplication

  • "Dark Matter"  Hidden structure in phonology: prosodic structure

  • Gradience  Gradient symbolic representations in phonology

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