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Recent papers

  • Zukoff, Sam. forthcoming. Reconstructing the Phonology of Proto-Indo-European Reduplication. Edited volume of papers from the Workshop on Reduplication in the Indo-European Languages (The 12th Jena May Colloquium). [Pre-publication version]

  • Zukoff, Sam. under review. Reduplicant Shape Alternations in Tawala: Re-evaluating Base-Dependence. Phonological Data & Analysis. [Ms., UCLA, July 7, 2023. lingbuzz/007412.]

  • Zukoff, Sam. forthcoming. Sonority Hierarchy (Ancient Greek). Encyclopedia of Greek Language and Linguistics. Brill. [Pre-publication version]

  • Zukoff, Sam. 2023. The Mirror Alignment Principle: Morpheme Ordering at the Morphosyntax-Phonology InterfaceNatural Language & Linguistic Theory 41(1): 399-458. doi:10.1007/s11049-022-09537-2

  • Zukoff, Sam. 2022. Reduplicant Shape Alternations in Ponapean and Tawala: Re-evaluating Base-Dependence. Ms., UCLA, October 13, 2022. lingbuzz/006862.


  • Zukoff, Sam. 2021. The Role of Alignment in Moro Affix Mobility: A Friendly Amendment to Jenks & Rose (2015). Ms., USC, October 19, 2021. lingbuzz/006265.

  • Zukoff, Sam. 2021. A Parallel Approach to Mobile Affixation in HuaveSupplemental Proceedings of AMP 2020, edited by Ryan Bennett, Richard Bibbs, Mykel Loren Brinkerhoff, Max J. Kaplan, Stephanie Rich, Nicholas Van Handel, and Maya Wax Cavallaro. Washington, DC: LSA. doi:10.3765/amp.v9i0.4910.






2015 and earlier

  • Zukoff, Sam. 2014. On the Origins of Attic ReduplicationProceedings of the 25th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference, edited by Stephanie W. Jamison, H. Craig Melchert, and Brent Vine, 257–278. Bremen: Hempen. [PDF]


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